The Rt. Rev. Dan Nkemjika Olinya, Bishop of the Anglican Missionary Diocese of Eha-Amufu has observed that it is only in Christianity that victory is sure, even before the battle starts. He made this observation during the monthly night vigil organized by the Abuja Diocese, which took place at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Maitama Abuja. He said that Christianity is not a hypocritical religion, but rather a religion that tells the truth about life; adding that Ministers of God are therefore expected to teach the true gospel of Christ. According to him, when a person becomes a Christian, he or she is enlisted into the army of God and will therefore face battles in form of trials and persecution, from the enemy of the gospel.

According to him, the theme, ‘The Lord Mighty in Battle’, depicts that there is a war or battle to be won by the Lord who is mighty in battle. Hence, he charged believers to realize that the problem they face is not theirs alone but also a battle that the Lord will win, if He is invited into the situation. He opined that most Christians don’t recognize themselves as Children of God and as such they cry and worry over issues that are too small before the mighty God, adding that if believers understand who they are, their method of handling issues will change. Bishop Olinya explained that the secret of success in any Christian battle is to deal with every human or physical challenge in life through the spiritual. He expatiated further that in the Bible, God did not give the believer any physical weapon to fight with; but rather God asks that the Christian put on the whole armour of God.

The Cleric expressed his displeasure at the deceit taking place in certain Churches, where young people are taught to believe that when they give their lives to Christ, everything will move smoothly for them. Bishop Olinya said that this teaching is false because the Bible clearly states that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them from them all. Hence, he warned Christians not to be swayed by such messages and misinterpretation of the gospel of Christ. He pin pointed this wrong teaching as the reason behind the multiple problems of the nation, Nigeria; explaining that the Church is no more preparing people to meet the realities of life. The Bishop added that the spirit of covetousness is put in the hearts of the youths that make them start claiming things that they ordinarily cannot afford.

The Bishop of Eha-Amufu missionary diocese called the Church to note that God’s blessings are for His children alone and therefore it is not everyone that can invite God to fight their battles. To back up his point, he cited several scriptures that supported this view and showed that the voice of the sinner is an abomination before God. Thus, he said that the problem of the Church is that many in the Church don’t know God and this according to him, is the reason the prayers of the Church are not being answered. He opined that the Church is disappointing God by not taking its place in the society and that is why the power of God is not being manifested as it ought to be. The Bishop remarked that many Christians think that they can bribe God with prayers and fasting but to him, this is a waste of time.

The Rt. Rev. Dan Olinya ended his message with a charge to members of the Church to arise to the challenges of the society by surrendering their lives to God and living up to His expectations. He explained that believers have the solution to the problems of the nation but they have not made themselves available for God to answer their prayers adding that it is not a matter of praying but those who are praying. According to him, Christians should stop destroying themselves because a divided Church cannot pray for a united nation.