bishop asaju power night 2014The Power Night, a monthly event organized by the Diocese of Abuja took place this month at St. Matthews’ Anglican Church, Gwarimpa. It was indeed a power filled night, with a charged up atmosphere and a Church that was occupied with people that had come to experience the power of God. The Guest Minister for the month of February was the Rt. Rev. Prof. Dapo Asaju, the Bishop Theologian of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion and he preached on the theme, ‘Talitha Koum’ as got from Matthew 9:16-26.

According to the Bishop Theologian, for there to be growth in the Church, there must be signs and wonders. Quoting profusely from the Scriptures, he said that right from the Old Testament, God has always been a God of signs and wonders. He added that God did not just instruct His people, He also backed up His words with miracles through those He had called. Therefore, Bishop Asaju asserted that Christians must restore signs and wonders back to the Church.

However, he said that the Ministers and Christians should not seek power from the devil while trying to reestablish miracles in the Church; for everything that the devil gives is a counterfeit of the original. The Bishop further stated that God gave Christians the power to perform miracles when He said in the Bible that these signs shall follow them that believe in Him; they shall cast out demons, heal the sick and preach the gospel. And as such, he said that all Christians have been called to this life of power.

Prof. Asaju commended the Abuja Diocese for organizing such a programme and also challenged them to take up the responsibility of transforming Nigeria. Because according to him, God has situated the Diocese at the headquarters of Nigeria, which means that the destiny of this country lies in their hands. He called on the people of the diocese to spread the revival of the gospel all over the nation. Nevertheless, the Cleric added that to live a life of testimony and miracles one must be born again and receive the new life, which is victory in Christ Jesus.

The Bishop advised the Ministers present at the gathering, to quit complaining about their members being taken over by other Churches. He attributed this kind of reaction from members to the fact that the Priest in charge was asleep to the challenges and problems that is being faced by the congregation and therefore they seek for solutions elsewhere. He added that when you have Jesus, everybody will need you because you have what they cannot buy with money. Bishop Asaju enjoined all to emulate the lifestyle of Jesus who taught the gospel and also demonstrated the power of God. He encouraged the Clergy and laity to exercise the power of God which is still available in the Church today, to minister, convert souls and perform miracles.

In comparison to the leadership today, he said that no one needs to book an appointment to see or receive Jesus; for He is accessible to all who need Him. The Cleric explained that no situation is hopeless in Jesus and that though miracles may seem delayed, Jesus is never late. He asked believers to come to the realization that ministry has always been with signs and wonders; for even Jesus said to His disciples that if they do not believe Him for His teachings, they should believe for the sake of the works they have seen Him do. Prof. Asaju therefore challenged the congregation to be attentive to the word of God going forth; because it is always backed up with the power of God, and would come to pass if mixed with the faith of any Christian.

Rt. Rev. Asaju concluded his sermon by calling on Christians to take up their place as solution providers, adding that when there is no problem in their vicinity they should go looking for problems  to solve in the hospitals, prisons and all other places where there are people in need. He said that they are the light of the world and as such anywhere they appear darkness must disappear. The Bishop explained that the power of God has been handed over to the Church and God is expecting believers to use this power to deliver souls to the Kingdom.