The Bible study leader for this year’s Standing Committee Meeting at Asaba, the Rt. Rev. Stephen Akobe has opined that true Christianity is a fight, a fight of faith and a good fight.

Anchoring the Bible study session, the Bishop debunked the misconception that Christianity is “bread and butter” and that life becomes easy once one accepts Christ; explaining that the Christian faith is a life of conflict and struggle, because believers face persecution.

He pointed out that Apostle Paul called it a fight, because the gospel was at risk of distortion. He said, “Faith must not be built on lies, but on the word of God”; adding that when one’s faith is built on a mirage, it will collapse. Bishop Akobe stressed that Christians must fight with Christian ethos, righteousness and holiness.

It was an interesting session of questions and answers as delegates shed light on the challenges faced by the Church, especially the Anglican Communion and offered solutions to some of the challenges that inhibit the good fight of faith.