The Anglican Church must emphasize that her strength lies not in titles but in the Lord.

This was the submission of the Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Bayo Ajulo the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Okene during the Bible study held at this year’s Standing Committee meeting held in St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Deanery Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. He explained that the Christian has no choice than to be strong in the Lord for the arm of flesh will definitely fail. He said that the theme, ‘Put on the whole armour of God’ is a charge to encourage believers to act and tell the truth even in times of crisis. The Bishop stated that the emphasis is in the Lord and not in other things; for according to him some people trust in chariots and horses and others in money, position and education.

The Bishop of Okene taught that the armours given to Christians are not for vengeance adding that even the devil has his own armour in form of temptations, which according to him has gone “digital”. And by digital, the Cleric said that the devil keeps coming up with new modern ways of tempting the Christian to sin against God. He described the life of a Christian as a battle field expatiating that the believer can only be victorious by being strong in the Lord.

He observed that the dress code these days has gone haywire, even in the Church adding that the devil is inspiring the world through material things such as clothing, jewelry, cars and positions. Bishop Ajulo stressed that the Christian is in battle on daily basis and that the only way they can succeed is if they approach it in the power of God. Hence, he advised all to utilize the supernatural way that has been made available by God, which is through prayer and called all to note that the ability to pray cannot be taken away from any child of God.

Rt. Rev. Bayo Ajulo ended the Bible study by summarizing that the Christian needs to put on the armour of God to be able to run the race and finish strong. He opined that these were latter days, when fearful and incredible things are happening in the world. Therefore, he charged all believers to be tough and aggressive in the Lord, trust in God and get the strength to move forward.