“Vision is what people come up with and revelation is what God gives.”

This was the submission of the Bishop of Gombe Anglican Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Henry C. Ndukuba at the Consecration service of the newly elected Bishop of the Missionary diocese of Ogbomoso, Rt. Rev. Titus Babatunde Olayinka which was conducted at this year’s Standing Committee held at the Anglican Church of St. Peter Deanery, Yenagoa Bayelsa State. Bishop Ndukuba added that when God gives revelation, He stirs vision in the hearts of men. He said that the word of God to the new Bishop and to all Christians is to remain focused on the things of the kingdom adding that to be focused is to look away from everything else in order to concentrate one’s attention in only one thing. According to him, through history, scriptures and experiences of men, one can observe that it is men of single purpose that leave a mark in history. Hence, he charged the Church of God especially the Bishops to be focused.

The Preacher who took his text from Acts of the Apostles chapter 22 verse 22 stated that Christians cannot afford to be without focus in the matters of the kingdom stating that even in doing natural things, focus or vision is necessary. He pointed out that to be relevant in the society one must be focused and to do so, he said that one must be in union with Christ Jesus. Bishop Ndukuba emphasized that a person will never know the purpose of his or her existence without Jesus in his or her life. He opined that believers remain relevant to heaven if they are faithful to God’s agenda and mandate, which is preaching the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, so that men and women will be drawn to Him.

He cited five distinguishing factors of a man of God, which include the manner of the life of the child of God, his manner of service, his core values, the content of the message and the persevering heart to finish well. The Bishop of Gombe diocese observed that this is a time and generation where everything secular, political and cultural are working against the ministry of God explaining that what is in vogue is speaking against the word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, he stated that a person cannot do exploits except in the battle field, where there is tension or in cases where the help of man is worthless.

Bishop Ndukuba observed that the Dean of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Rev. Ignatius Kattey is not present at the service because the intention of the enemy is that by striking the shepherd the sheep will scatter; but to him the Lord will arise because this battle is against His anointed. He called on all Christians to continue to pray that the glory of the Lord will cover the Archbishop wherever he is being kept.

According to the Bishop, it is only men who can sacrifice their life that can follow Jesus. Thus, he encouraged Christians to fear not and not allow anything deter them from running the race. Rt. Rev. Henry Ndukuba pointed out that the problem of the Church is that there are fewer disciples clarifying that many follow Jesus for other reasons. He therefore enjoined all, especially the leadership of the Church to not only start well but endeavour to end well. Bishop Ndukuba said Christians are living in a time where they have to stand to make the exploits for God. He said there is no way they can share the heritage of the martyrs without suffering. The great enemy they have today, he said is fear.

The Preacher and Retreatant said it is not surprising that the word, fear was mentioned in the Bible 365 times because of Satan and his forces the accuser of the brethren. The act of following Jesus therefore, Bishop Ndukuba said is very costly. He concluded by saying that the purpose in Christendom is to run the race and win the crown; he urged Christians to run that they may win the crown.