The Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Enugu has reiterated that in everything Christians do, there must be honesty of purpose, absolute equity and justice. He made this statement during this year’s Standing Committee meeting held at the Cathedral Church of St. James’ the Great Okebola, Ibadan in Oyo state. The Bishop acknowledged that the theme was a challenging one with implications for the Church and the nation. He added that the theme should not just end at the venue but it should be carried out to the nations; because according to him people take oaths with the Bible or Quran and yet they tell lies.

Bishop Chukwuma noted that it is the absence of the fear of God in the lives of individuals that have made them unable to flee from sin. He stated that Christians have taken God for granted so much so that they tell lies against God with impunity. And to him, that is why there is so much corruption in the government, divorce of marriages, and Priests who join secret cult, even though they all took some sort of oath against these behaviors. The Cleric observed that no one will be willing to tell lies before these minor gods because they know that there will be immediate consequences and yet they do so to the Almighty God.

Quoting from the Scriptures, the Bishop of Enugu Anglican Diocese emphasized that the Church must speak peace and the truth at all times stating that the honesty in some Churches is lacking. The Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma concluded his sermon with a charge to believers to be genuinely convinced and converted in their ways, so as to be able to present themselves as worthy sacrifices to the Lord of the Church.

The Holy Eucharist service was celebrated by the Ecclesiastical Province of Enugu led by the Most Rev. Madu, Archbishop of the province.