Primate Okoh1The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh has likened those who spread evil reports about the resurrection of Jesus to those who taught that after the world war, Religion will fade away and the world would no longer need God. According to them, God and His theology would have died. He said those who propounded the theory have all died and God is still alive, adding that some classes of people who constituted themselves as obstacles on the journey to the Cross and Resurrection were moved by zeal inflamed by ignorance. The Primate said the invincible forces, the principalities and powers that instigated the people to kill a good man, including people like Pontius Pilate who washed his hands in hypocritical innocence and released the robber are still very potent and much alive in the society.

Primate Okoh expatiated and said the Jews got it all wrong thinking that their own Messiah would be a warrior King who will deal with the Romans and all the authorities that have subjugated them over the years and militarily defeat them, for the Jews to be a super power. He said the zealousness of the Jews was without sufficient knowledge of Christ and it led to a lot of errors in every religion. The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria said because of their spiritual blindness and lack of insight they could not see the hand of God in what was unfolding and at the end, Jesus was crucified.

He said in every situation one can see the physical; even in the situation in Nigeria today, the bloodletting where bomb was planted in a lorry load of a luxurious bus full of human beings, which destroyed men, women, old and young people of all grades.

He added that the power and the embodiment of evil represented by diabolical people; the forces that are challenging the destiny of Nigeria, holding it down right from independence, culminating in the Civil war, with many lives lost, properties destroyed till date with grief and no stop to killing is still prevailing in Nigeria . Archbishop Okoh believes that something is instigating them; a power that cannot be seen is trying to hijack the destiny of Nigeria, in foreign intervention and people from within working clandestinely in Islamic fanaticism as it was in the time of Jesus. He said the old order was struggling with the new order which Jesus introduced to bring people to God and this old order was pulling it down and making sure it will not succeed.

The Cleric added that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a rude shock to the Jews and Romans who thought it was all over; rejoicing and clapping their hands, not knowing that the power of God which was at work has defeated them hands down and the Roman Soldiers were like dead men. He described the Resurrection of Jesus as a kind of cosmic upheaval, when the heavens were shaken and a wonderful experience that can never be described has occurred. This according to him is an incredible testimony that with the risen Lord nobody can detail a Soldier for God, for he made a public show of principalities and powers and triumph gloriously over them.

Primate Okoh said Easter therefore is victory in all aspects and it has relevance in the daily lives of the people that in spite of human obstacles, manipulations to ensure that somebody does not rise, the mighty hands of God, with the Sword of the Spirit will cut off the evil hands and believers will rise from the dead. According to him, we live in the society where fierce forces are pursuing families adding that if any man is in Christ, he is a new creation, not destined to die because he belongs to a new tribe of God, separate, different with God; and the power that held Jesus from the grave will protect and work wonders.

He warned those accumulating money from corrupt sources grabbing and gathering to know that, that money will be a witness against them because they are accumulating problems which he said must stop. He opined that though in this life people are in the dark tunnel but he said there is light at the end of the tunnel. He called on husbands and wives to run away from deceits and keeping secrets because whatever is done in secret shall be announced on the roof tops, adding that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

He prophesied that all stones rolled in as obstacles in the lives of Christians including Boko Haram will come to an end by the power in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and Nigeria will rise from the dead because according to him, the dark tunnel Nigerians are passing through backed by evil forces with connection over the world will be overpowered and become history.

The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion said that God is hearing the cry of Nigerians, the innocent blood is crying to Him and He is listening and therefore the enemies of Nigeria will be put to shame. The story he said will change, He called on all and sundry to use the lessons of Easter to fight corruption in Nigeria and vow not to be part of those contributing to the problems of Nigeria, by working against corruption in all its ramifications. By so doing he said resurrection will come to the homes, places of work and the civil service, where he said people hide because of opportunity for corruption.

He called for good governance, good leadership, good in sharing and he asked the people in the Church to change the sordid situation. In his words, “Let it be said that Christians are different and that corruption come from people of other religions.” He concluded that the mighty hands of God will change the situation.

By Ven. Foluso Taiwo