The Most Rev Tunde Adeleye who was the guest preacher at the monthly Power Night Vigil of the Diocese of Abuja held at the St Matthew’s Anglican Church Maitama harped on the topic, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and practically asked the congregation to declare Psalm 23 and profess it by verbalization.

He said the Lord is my Shepherd is good, true and sweet, but it is not for everybody except those who believe in Him.

According to the Cleric, there must be a resemblance in that the Lord can only be Shepherd to the believer if he is in His fold and belong to Him true and true.

He added that there must be something unique about possession, noting that if God truly is our Shepherd we must be part of God Almighty as a spiritual declaration.

Archbishop Adeleye opined that the shepherd knows that the sheep is sick before He goes to God with sacrifices. He added that the shepherd always provides safety for the sheep before he asks.

He declared emphatically that it is a privileged situation for God to prepare a table before his children in the presence of their enemies; adding that the sufficient God provides, without the enemy knowing the secret of the believer’s strength.

The Cleric who quoted profusely from the Bible to buttress his presentation laid living examples at the door steps of his congregation for believability.

The Most Rev. Tunde Adeleye kept his listeners on their toes with rib cracking examples; never a dull moment, no dozing, no sleeping. He used the methodology of an Evangelist that he is, with applause from the candidate asking for more.

Sessions of prayers filled the air, prayers of purposeful living, useful provision, of possibilities and abundance of more than enough.

The Power Night would be remembered for soul searching declarations, wonderful soul lifting musical presentation, and spiritual connectivity and fulfilled spiritual Testimonies of the goodness of God in difficult times. Members of the Anglican Church in the entire diocese of Abuja cherish this Power Night programme and are always looking forward to it. It was a night to remember.


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