We are going through a lot of challenges in the country now and we are passing through a lot of attacks. When we look back, we know that we have gone through this kind of attack before and God was able to save us in the past. So, we are optimistic and believing God that that same God who did it for us before, can do it again. We want to say that the situation is bad, painful and biting; the struggle is very tense in the country, and people are undergoing a lot of weighty problems, challenges and punishment. But, as Christians our hope is only on God and He has done it before and He will do it again. So, we are bringing people together to celebrate that hymn, “O God our help in ages past”, celebrate the word of God, celebrate Jesus and celebrate God, who is a God of promise and a faithful God. That is what informed the choice of this theme.


This year, by the grace of God and by God’s divine command, we are expecting all delegates to expect a fresh visitation of the Holy Spirit; they should expect the anointing of God’s presence all over everybody; a refreshment of lives, and a refreshment away from life’s challenges. They should expect a refreshment of the Spirit of God upon us to quicken us, make us stronger and better than ever before.

This year, we are expecting them to come to worship God truthfully and in spirit. We are expecting them to come to praise, pray, hear the word of God, sing, and dance to God’s glory. We are expecting them to come with a heart and mind of celebration. We are very optimistic that the visitation of God this year will be greater than earlier years. Therefore, there will be a quickening of the Spirit of God upon everybody. We are expecting them to go home after the conference better, with something new, something fundamental, and something permanent; something positive will happen in their lives in Jesus name, Amen.

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