The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh has reiterated that the Church of Nigeria still stands on the dictates of the Bible as recorded by Matthew chapter 19 from verse 4 that God created male and female hence the Anglican Church in Nigeria believes in the relationship of man and a woman and not Same Sex marriage.

He straightened this up while preaching at the Holy Solemnization between Omo Mark Oghiadomhe son of the Chief of Staff to the President and Miss Omobolade Okeya at the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life Camp, Abuja. Archbishop Okoh said this emphasis is pertinent because of the upheaval around the world in the area of Same Sex marriage. He said anything short of the Biblical truth is nothing but pretense and a celebration of lie and Church of Nigeria has no share in it. He therefore called on those who are following that line of thought to please repent.

According to him, Christian marriage is indissoluble as it is monogamous adding that in the course of life there is nothing like Deputy or Assistant wife and vice versa, no deputy husband. The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria said the relationship in marriage is permanent till death separates and whoever tries to divorce will bruise himself, for according to him, there is always a consequence to broken vows made in holy matrimony.

He seized the opportunity of the presentation of his message to correct those who are criticizing the relationship of for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health stand of the Church, saying that the Church is not praying for bad times but only taking into account the dynamics of living because relationship in marriage is not seasonal but it is meant to abide in all seasons.

The Cleric admonished the congregation of well-wishers to remember and emulate Ruth and Naomi and the declaration of Ruth that, “I will not leave you, where you go I will go, your people will be my people, what you eat I will eat, where you sleep I will sleep, where you die I will die and where you are buried I will be buried.” He said God who has made two to become one will fuse the couple to the extent that the pillars that hold the marriage together shall be upright and not collapse. He harped on trust and warned that they should desist from anything that can undermine the trust between the two of them, adding that sin is the number one enemy which they must flee away from to save the marriage.

Primate Okoh shed light about sex and says it is a holy thing; quoting Hebrews 13 vs. 4 to corroborate that sex is the framework of young people entering into active sexual life which means that sexual sin is not to be countenanced. He expatiated that sexual sin has brought down so many people from all over the world; it has led to sack from work, due to indiscretion adding that extra-marital sex is not an affair but sin of adultery. Furthermore, he said love has been abused in so many ways but couples should demonstrate action, say sweet things but not mere words, take responsibilities, care and rally round the family and be committed.

He counseled them to worship in the same Church, pray, stick and walk together at functions, and be proud of themselves because according to him, marriage is sacramental in that it binds beyond itself to the relationship between Christ and His Church, it is permanent and united forever; there is no divorce. He prayed that they will remain inseparable and the relationship will be nurtured by the grace of God, no matter the imperfections they will be smoothened together.

He appealed to people who have difficulties in their marriages not to contemplate divorce because they will be bruised and more problems would be created. He encouraged them to adopt a humble approach, by so doing the Primate said they will laugh again and the relationship which they think has turned sour will be revived, sweet and better. Archbishop Okoh concluded his sermon by urging bachelors and spinsters not to be afraid of getting married adding that marriage in Africa is cheap and there is so much allowance for both men and women.

With warm regards, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion blessed Mr President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the Senate President David Mark, array of Governors, Ministers, Elder statesmen and who is who in governance of the country who have come to celebrate with one of their own Chief Oghiadomhe Chief of Staff to the President, his wife and Mr and Mrs. Okeya the parents of the Bride.

Security was very tight with Soldiers armed to the teeth at the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life Camp Abuja venue of the holy solemnization. It was filled to the brim with well-wishers most of them families, friends, Chiefs, Bishops, Priests including His grace John Cardinal Olorunfemi Onaiyekan of the Roman Catholic Church and politicians, members of the ruling party.

By Ven. Foluso Taiwo